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The project “Stories in History” invites you to take a journey through time and space, through a series of texts written by Council of Europe staff and prominent figures who have worked with the Organization (ambassadors, parliamentarians, local or regional elected representatives, judges of the European Court of Human Rights).

This journey begins in Strasbourg, in the historical summer of 1949, and it ends in Paris, in Spring 2019, with the burning of Notre Dame that choked Europe and the world. It will take you to the length and breadth of Europe (and even beyond), highlighting some of the events and achievements that have shaped its history – our history – over the past 70 years.

The texts gathered here are written in different styles, ranging from the anecdotal to the historical, illustrating a particular event or process and covering topics such as war and peace, violence and dialogue, and love and hate. What makes these stories special is the fact that they are personal, focusing on the human challenges we face, our successes and failures, and our ability to manage them. This is about Europe’s human dimension, with respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law as the cement that holds the whole of our continent together.