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Essays from Young Europeans

Each national winner, one from every member state, will be awarded a diploma by the Council of Europe. Each will be invited to receive it at the 70th anniversary commemorative event in Strasbourg in October 2019.

Essays should have a maximum of 1000 words.

The authorities in each member state should decide in which language and form submissions can be made. Where handwritten submissions are allowed, the winning essay should also be provided in a typed format.

Young people living in Europe aged 14 to 18 years.

The competition should be launched officially by the appropriate national authorities. Schools and other relevant institutions should be informed through the competent ministries and agencies e.g. ministries of education, national cultural institutions, etc. The competition should be as widely publicised as possible, e.g. by posting the competition and its details on relevant websites with links to the Council of Europe website and the 70th anniversary section.

A jury should be formed at national level to receive and assess submissions in order to select a winning national essay bearing in mind the proposed theme and the fact that the competition forms part of the 70th anniversary of the Council of Europe. The jury could include members of the national delegations to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and Congress and other relevant personalities.

​​​​​​​The above-mentioned jury will declare the national winner. The Permanent Representation of each participating member state will communicate the name of the national winner together with the winning essay in its original version, a translation in English or in French, a photo and contact details of the national winner to Council of Europe Protocol by 30 June 2019.