The Council of Europe’s seventy years is a cause for celebration in every place where its work has changed people’s lives.

Strasbourg city - the home of the Council of Europe – has a lively programme of events to celebrate with us, including a special exhibition of work by international artist Tomi Ungerer.

Keep an eye on this page for updates on events and exhibitions where you live and throughout Europe.

Official events

January 18, Strasbourg: Launch of the 70th Anniversary website.

January 22, Strasbourg: Twentieth Anniversary of the Human Rights Commissioner. Panel discussion on “The state of human rights in Europe: forward and back?”

January 23, Strasbourg:  Opening of the exhibition "Finland presents 60 years of the European Court of Human Rights".

April 2 – 4, Strasbourg: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities session on the theme "Mayors safeguarding democracy". Exhibition on the European Charter of Local self-governance.

April 4, Strasbourg: Event on migrants’ rights, asylum seekers, children on the move.

April 4-5, Olympia: Thirtieth anniversary of the Anti-doping Convention.

April 9-12, Strasbourg: Exhibition on the 70th Anniversary.

April 16- 17, Helsinki: Public event during the Education Policy Advisers' Network (EPAN) meeting on education in building a culture of democracy and human rights in Europe over the past 70 years.

May 5, Strasbourg: Council of Europe celebrates its 70th anniversary on Europe Day with an Open Day at its headquarters and the launch of commemorative stamps.

May 16, Helsinki: Commemorative event and treaty ceremony.

May 17, Helsinki: Committee of Ministers meeting.

May 21, Strasbourg: Third Children’s forum.

May/June, Strasbourg: Opening of exhibtion”France and the European Court of Human Rights”.

June 4-7, Strasbourg: Celebrations of twenty years of the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine along with a seminar on bioethics.

June, 17, Strasbourg: Commemoration of twenty years of the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO).

June 24 – 28, Strasbourg: Seventieth commemoration during the June session of the Parliamentary Assembly.

June 27, Strasbourg: Joint conference of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and the European Committee of the Regions to mark their 25th Anniversary.

September 18, Strasbourg: Commemoration of the first Committee of Ministers meeting, Strasbourg City Hall.

September 26 – 27, Paris: European conference to mark 25 years of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance.

September/October, Strasbourg: Ceremony marking the 70th Anniversary including prize-giving for the youth essay writing competition, commemorative concert and other events.

October, all member states: Events to mark European Local Democracy Week.​​​​​

October 24-25, Strasbourg: European Conference of Presidents of Parliament.

October 29 – 31, Strasbourg: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities session with a debate on the 70th Anniversary including input from youth delegates.

November 6-8, Strasbourg: World Forum for Democracy.

November 16, Strasbourg: Event to mark the Thirtieth anniversary of the North South Centre.

November 19 – 22, Strasbourg: Annual Octopus Conference, “Seventy years fighting crime”.

December 5-6, Graz, Austria: European Centre for Modern Languages marks the 70th anniversary.


Events in Strasbourg

The Tomi Ungerer Museum in Strasbourg is one of the Council of Europe’s main partners for the celebrations. The Museum is easily accessed from the République tram and bus stops via tram lines B, C, E and F and the 15a or 72 bus.


European Events

 ​​​​Austria: Events are being organised for the public and for students, with articles in university magazines, newspapers and on social media.

 Bulgaria: Bulgarian pianist Dora DELIYSKA will celebrate the 70th anniversary at a concert organised with the help of the Bulgarian « Cyrille et Méthode » association on 26th February. Other events are planned.

 Cyprus: 70th Anniversary marked with conferences on the Council of Europe the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse and the Convention on Offences Relating to Cultural Property, both in October.

 Finland: Event being organised by the Finnish Foreign Affairs ministry in Helsinki.

 Georgia: Special parliamentary session to commemorate the 70th anniversary and celebration of twenty years of Georgian membership.

 Hungary: Photo Contest on Instagram and public debates.

 Lithuania: Conference on 6th May 2019 in Vilnius

 Malta: Photo competition on the theme of European values organized by the Education Ministry.

 San Marino: Awareness- raising campaign on the Human Rights Convention and commemorative Forum.

 Slovenia: Round table to mark the 70th anniversary on May 5th; event commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights and the 70th Anniversary of the COE, 16 April, Ljubljana; Instagram photo competition; events in schools with the launch of the Council of Europe’s “Free to speak, safe to learn” campaign and the 25th anniversary of the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz, Austria.

 Sweden: Social media campaign to mark the 70th anniversary.

 Switzerland: Debate to commemorate the 70th anniversary, June 2019; conference on safeguards in police custody, November.


The Council of Europe partner offices will be celebrating throughout the year. Here are some of the highlights:

 Ankara: 5th May open day; the launch of Court of Cassation project (May); project "generation democracy"; writing and drawing contest; campaign to promote the Istanbul convention against violence to women.

 Baku: 5 May Open Day; debate on the historic role of the COE and Azerbaijan's membership in partnership with the ADA Diplomatic University, the Foreign Ministry, Parliament, Office of the Ombudsman and presidential administration, and mobile exhibitions.

 Belgrade: Seminars and information sessions throughout the year; Open Day in May; winner of student essay contest announced in June.

 Brussels: Joint event with the European Union, 5 April in Brussels

 Bucharest: May 5: Open Day; debate on cybercrime and cybersecurity and "protecting children online" with UNICEF participation, September.

 Budapest: The European Youth Centre in Budapest celebrates the 70th anniversary during Youth Week (1st-5th July) and with an Open Day on Human Rights Day (December 10).

 Chisinau: 4-5th May - Debate on Moldova's membership of the Council of Europe; May 9 – anniversary celebrations during the annual European village organised by the European Union; 13 July: Moldova celebrates 24 years in the Council of Europe; 19 November - event in support of the World Day for Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children.

 Kiev: Series of lectures on human rights at major universities; films on the Council of Europe’s work on TV channels and social networks.

 Moscow: Event to be organised with Committee of Ministers Presidency.

 Podgorica: Essay competition for students. The winners will win a trip to Strasbourg.

 Sarajevo: Open Day 5th May, followed by a concert and reception.

 Skopje: Open Day and commemorative event, dates to be confirmed.

 Tbilisi: Launch of an essay competition on the theme “Imagine the European of the future”. Open Day 4th or 5th May. A moot court competition will run throughout the year.

 Tirana: Open Day on 5th May 2019; Seminar with students from the Academy of Political Studies. Broadcast of films on the 70th anniversary.

 Warsaw: Conference on the role of NGOs in the Council of Europe, organised by the Foreign Ministry, the Council of Europe and the University of Warsaw on 22th March 2019.

 Venice: Conference organised jointly with the University Ca’Foscari and the international Venice’s University; celebratory concert at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory May 2019.

 Vienna: Conference organised jointly with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, May/June.